EATON Rectifier Systems are designed to achieve high efficiency in converting AC to DC energy. The 3G series achieves high power density and operating efficiency to significantly reduce capital and operating costs.

Modular technology allows a high degree of flexibility in the DC power system, these types of solutions are ideal for a future growth projection given the high degree of scalability they possess. & nbsp;

EATON offers models for all telecommunications applications, such as access networks (radio bases, auxiliary system, private PBX exchanges and control systems) and Core exchanges (data centers and switching centers).

AMPER S.R.L. has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of these systems nationwide. The EATON modular solution is supplying DC power to the main national operators and local cooperatives in Bolivia.

The following technical characteristics can be cited:

  • Modular systems in 24V / 48V.
  • Wide conditions in single-phase and three-phase power systems.
  • Industry-leading energy density.
  • Constant power output.
  • Intelligent control system with remote monitoring.
  • Compliance with industrial standards

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