AGM or GEL type VRLA batteries are highly critical components for backup Power Systems in UPS, Solar, Telecom, Utility, etc. applications.

The useful life of the specified battery is in most cases a theoretical value that applies to a single block, resulting only valid if the environmental conditions are optimal and if each of the charge / discharge cycles complies with the manufacturer’s specifications. The temperature of the environment and the depth of discharge are factors that affect negatively.

When making a decision about what type of battery to use AMPER recommends according to the type of application the most optimal solution possible, taking into account the best return on investment.

AMPER sells batteries whose reliability is guaranteed after having noticed the manufacturing processes, quality controls, certifications, experience and visited the factories.

The VRLA AGM or GEL batteries that AMPER keeps in inventory are regularly inspected taking into account parameters of ambient storage temperature, self-discharge and date of manufacture.

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