Innovative equipment to keep energy in full operation with high energy efficiency.

Modular inverters: & nbsp; with patented ECI technology and energy conversion efficiency of up to 96% (AC / DC) and 93% (DC / AC) They allow scalable solutions in power according to the needs of the clients. Reliable single-phase and three-phase systems that incorporate the following features.

  • Transfer time of 0ms & nbsp; (network to battery);
  • Static transfer switch & nbsp; incorporated (without possibilities failure);
  • Truly redundant & nbsp; (power and communication);
  • Snmp communication protocols
  • Easy maintenance (plug & amp; play modules)
  • Multidirectional converters , SAW with 3 power ports integrated in each module (2 AC and 1 DC) being able to function as input and output, which allow them to be used to power AC, DC and battery loads. Total power output is & nbsp; dynamically shared & nbsp; between loads and batteries.

Sierra is the ideal solution to secure & nbsp; AC and DC loads. In a changing world, no one can & nbsp; predict & nbsp; what kind of load will be used in the near future. To avoid risks, a more flexible solution should be chosen.

Many innovative solutions are also possible using a & nbsp; shared DC distribution & nbsp; like:

  • Power Fusion: & nbsp; innovation solution to share energy within IT racks in data centers.
  • Metro Grid: the & nbsp; easier way to connect and power 5G remote antennas in cities

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