LIFASA is a consolidated brand in the national and international market thanks to years of experience and dedication, developing its product par excellence: the capacitor for electrical installation.

Present in the market for more than 70 years, with constant technical evolution, the brand has been adapting at all times to the progress and needs of the market to this day.

LIFASA capacitors have been on the market since 1949.
More than 50% are exported to 70 countries on five continents. They are manufactured in accordance with European Standards and other International Standards, having obtained a high number of certifications and approvals.

AMPER SRL, representative of the brand in our country, distributes reactive energy solutions: BT batteries and capacitors.

These capacitors have been designed to ensure long service and high performance due to their improved electrical characteristics. They are self-regenerating capacitors with low loss polypropylene dielectric, filled with mainly inert gas N2, or with resin, and with overpressure disconnection system, which offers a high level of safety against defects, by cutting the 3 phases in case of acting. The capacitors are presented mounted in aluminum containers provided with M12 threaded projection for their fixing and grounding. The connection is made by a terminal block with clamp type terminals.

Passive filters are designed to work in networks with a high degree of harmonic contamination, in such a way that they allow a safe and reliable service of the power factor correction equipment. The reactors are connected in series with the capacitors forming a suitably detuned resonant circuit, so that the set presents an inductive impedance for the frequencies of all the harmonics existing in the installation.

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