Mission critical systems require highly reliable equipment that can guarantee continuity of services and minimize any type of failure incident. AMPER S.R.L. provides high-tech equipment according to the highest criticality requirement. Working with teams of leading brands recognized worldwide requires having a staff of highly qualified and factory-trained engineers and technicians capable of undertaking projects, installations and maintenance services to equipment in all latitudes of our country.

Preventive maintenance is intended for the preservation of the equipment and the installation by means of periodic inspection, cleaning, configuration and tests, which guarantee the proper functioning and reliability of the system. As it is critical load equipment that is operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year & nbsp; It is important to establish a maintenance routine as part of the power and air conditioning equipment operation policy.

Once a certain equipment is started up, all products and their components go through a natural process of aging and continuous deterioration that implies the degradation of their performance or of their intrinsic parameters (for example, the speed of rotation of a fan is related to its cooling capacity and degradation of both will occur). Over time, they are no longer able to carry out their function (for example, a fan with insufficient rotation speed), causing a “fault” as defined above.

In case of degradation, it is important to define the maximum level of deterioration for each critical component that can be tolerated before its loss of functionality, taking into account that degradation phenomena in electronic equipment normally accelerate rapidly from a threshold determined, a kind of runaway phenomenon.

Therefore, the component can be replaced before it “crashes” your system.

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Most importantly, we have specialized Software for the equipment we provide service where reports are generated, equipment histories are stored, a username and password are granted to the client so that they can access the reports, authorize changes of parts, receive alarms, observe photographs of the damage, etc.

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