Who We Are

AMPER was founded in July 1992 in the city of La Paz, with the aim of providing energy solutions through quality products and services. Over time it expanded its operations by opening a regional office in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, United States and now in Ecuador,
Over the years AMPER grew in the product offering also on the experience of knowing the customer and not only meet the requirements of customers, goes beyond providing technical advice to ensure your success and growth. We have worked to the best institutions of Bolivia providing quality products and services. The diversity of products allowed the company to be recognized in the market as a prestigious company providing real energy solutions.
We are exclusive representative for Bolivia of major companies worldwide: DEHN (Germany), CBS (Taiwan), EATON POWERWARE (USA), STULZ (Germany), NOJA POWER (Australia)
The technical staff is trained abroad, in specific factories the products we represent, providing greater confidence in each job.


Leading the national market with a sustainable development of reliability, innovation and customer satisfaction.


Providing quality products and an efficient after sales service, avoiding delays or problems that affect the productivity of our customers.

Currently the offer is in the following areas:

1. Energy Distribution Unit (EDU).

Its main objectives are: research, innovate and advise with modern and increasingly efficient solutions to keep AMPER at the forefront of technical offers proposals to the current electricity market. This is possible thanks to AMPER is representative recognized worldwide that ensure efficiency and quality brands. On the other hand, the EDU is in charge of structured and regulated sizing of electrical installations by AMPER, using software dedicated to electrical calculation according to national and international standards.

2. Quality of Energy

Critical loads require high availability and quality of supply for this type of requirement.
We have a wide range of solutions in support of uninterrupted power, both AC systems AC and DC systems.
We provide complete solutions from identifying requirements, customized design, supply and installation of equipment, all with due after sales support that includes everything from providing spare parts and specialized technical service personnel trained in the factory.
In AC backup systems we have the best brands of UPS SYSTEMS ranging from single-phase low power equipment to sophisticated modular high-power three-phase systems.
In DC backup systems have modular rectifier equipment with a wide range of power and battery banks for a custom support.

3. Medium Voltage

Currently the consumption of electricity has increased precipitously of growth along with construction and urban planning, these factors require expand and optimize distribution networks Medium Voltage. The need to supply energy safely, reliably and with minimal downtime has become a premise for engineers responsible for this branch. Noja Power has focused its research and development in distribution networks specifically in the manufacture of reclosers that are used as building blocks for automated provide distributed along power lines and distribution intelligence. Amper S.R.L. have complementary products in medium voltage reclosers, we expect our product porfolio find the solution to your needs, and we are always with the predisposition to assist you in all steps of your project.

4. Infrastructure and Data Center

The infrastructure of your data center requires cabinets designed and built to meet all needs.
We present our line of rack servers where we have practical and aesthetic models that have shaped doors designed to optimize the flow of air through the rack.
Racks for battery banks custom designed for all kinds of theatrical energy requirement for both UPS systems and power plants DC.
All built of solid and stable way to optimize the use of space in the hall way.

5. Technical Service

The qualified service area has several plans that can suit the needs of all our clients. Our staff is properly trained and is constantly updated throughout the factory lines of products AMPER represents for Bolivia.

Virtual technical monitoring

  • AMPER designed this new system in 2015, which allows you to:
  • View the current status of your equipment.
  • Reports of maintenance protocol are done to your equipment that are accompanied with photographic reports for viewing and verification.
  • See the maintenance schedule of their equipment.
  • Traffic Lights alerts in case you have pending repair equipment.
  • Notifications of any action to the email accounts you request.