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STULZ offers the broadest range of cooling capacities for chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) units on the market.  With 21-730 kW of cooling, there is a CyberAir air conditioner (CRAC) or air handler (CRAH) for every mission critical application.

CRAH – Agua Fría (CW)

  • Largest capacity perimeter CW air handlers in the industry
  • Greater airflow than other solutions
  • Multiple EC Fan options (additional fans in same size cabinet)
  • All EC Fans mounted in the cabinet meet full performance without having to be dropped into the raised floor
  • Fewer units at higher capacity can significantly reduce capital cost and operating cost
  • 2 x CW valves standard on CFD-510 and larger units (option for 1 CW valve)
  • Dehumidification efficiently achieved through reduced air volume at maximum cooling
  • Standard and seismic floor stands available for all CW units
  • Filter plenums designed with increased surface area for filtration, lower pressure drop, and improved energy savings
  • Standard MERV 8 filters (optional up to MERV 14 filters)
  • 100% front access on all sizes

CRAC – Expansión Directa (DX)

  • DX systems provided with highly efficient and reliable low noise scroll compressors
  • Single or multi-stage compressor arrangement including tandem configurations
  • Micro plate heat exchangers offer major improvements in heat transfer
  • Optimized AWS/Free-cooling coils to closely match DX cooling capacities, increasing energy savings opportunities
  • Refrigeration-based dehumidification system effectively removes excess moisture
  • Hot gas reheat - provides reheat using recycled compressor heat
  • Snap acting / full floating hot gas bypass system provides cooling capacity modulation and evaporator coil freeze protection
  • Multiple stages of DX cooling to match load requirement
  • Electronic expansion valves can be optimized to work over a wide range of conditions

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